About Solosoft

Armed with nearly a decade of industry experience, Solosoft has the skills to deliver successful web projects.

We’re a small, focused team, passionate about what we do. Established in 2018 by our founder Nathan, Solosoft was created to help small and medium-sized businesses build their ideal web applications. Over the years, we have built up a steady and trusted client base, situated in the North East and beyond.

We have worked on a variety of different projects, from start-up MVP applications to back-office systems with integrations, to fully-fledged Software as a Service applications.

Working primarily with PHP, Laravel, and React, Solosoft has the skills to design, develop, deploy and maintain your web applications. No matter the size and scale of your applications, Solosoft can find the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Nathan Dunn
Nathan Dunn